María Luz Cayuela

IMG-20130928-WA0016MSc in Analytical Chemistry and PhD in Science by the University of Murcia. I have developed my research career in CEBAS-CSIC (Spain), the Council of Agricultural Research (Italy), Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and Cornell University (USA).

My main research interests at present are:

  • Nitrogen cycling. Transformations and reactions of N in soil.
  • Biochar soil amendment as negative emission technology
  • Soil fertility, organic matter turnover, nutrients dynamics.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from soils.
  • The impact of photodegradation on SOM turnover.
  • Recycling of organic wastes  as soil amendments.
  • Stable isotope techniques to follow C and N dynamics.

Associate Editor in Frontiers in Environmental Science and Geoderma

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Selected publications: